Rappers Who Are Over 40 And Still Killin’ The Game

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Some say that hip hop is a young man's game but there are some rappers who are still on top of their game that are considered to be rap veterans. Here are 10 rappers that are over 40 but are still killin' it and a...

When Rappers Attack: Craziest Rapper/Fan Fights

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It's usually a great time for rappers and both fans at concerts. However, sometimes things go wrong and fans get a little too up close and personal or disrespectful and rappers get heated and react. Here are 6 of ...

Tupac Reveals Plot Against Him In Previously-Unheard Phone Conversation

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In a rare and previously unheard of phone conversation, Tupac Shakur tells Sanyika Shakur that the woman who accused him of rape in 1993 was connected to the men who attempted to kill him in 1994. A woman accus...

Eminem’s Top 7 Most Maniacal Bars

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Eminem is known for his crazy lyrics and insane flow. Eminem's never afraid to speak his mind and has said some controversial and vey explicit lyrics in the past. Here's a look at 7 of the most maniacal bars spit ...

Drake Takes Shots At Macklemore During ESPYs Performance! [Full Video]

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Last night Drake hosted the ESPYs and during one of his performances he sent some shots at Macklemore! Wonder if Macklemore will respond! Watch the diss on the next page!

Drake, Blake Griffin, And Chris Brown Do Hilarious Opening Skit For The 2014 ESPYs Awards!

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Last night, Drake hosted the 2014 ESPY's and put on a show. Drake tried to do some stand up as well as performed a few hilarious skits. Check out the skit he did with Blake Griffin and Chris Brown, yes Chris Brown...

10 Rappers Who Went Broke

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Rapper may seem to have it all when they are hot but sometimes their buzz fizzles out. When that buzz goes away, sometimes rappers hit hard times and others lose it all. Here's 10 rappers who lost it all! Begin...

Rappers Who Were Born Rich

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We saw in the previous article about rappers who were once homeless, now let's take a look at rappers who were born rich! These rappers never had any worries at all! Check out which of your favorite rappers wer...

Kendrick Lamar Humble Home Buy

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So much for the stereotype of rappers "making it," so to speak, then purchasing extravagant homes. Kendrick Lamar reportedly bought a $524,000 house in California which betrays most of the rapper clichés you're ac...

Rappers Who Used To Be Homeless

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Many rappers seem to have it all now, but at one point some were struggling just to get by. Some rappers were even homeless! Here are 10 rappers who were at one point homeless! Check out which of your favorite...

Vintage High School Prom Photos of Rappers in Their Golden Years

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Do you recall being told that the next four years of your life would be considered your golden years and the event that would bring the whole four years to a conclusion was your senior prom? Well friends thanks to...

This Man Did Nothing Wrong: Local Rapper Gets Harassed & Profiled By Las Vegas Police

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This Rapper, Mac Lan The Splashgod was randomly targeted by Las Vegas police while simply walking up the street! He did nothing wrong and was tackled and arrested! Check out the crazy video on the next page!!

Rick Ross Gets A Crazy New Face Tattoo

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  Tattoos are definitely not as taboo as they once were, especially in the rap industry. Face tattoos on the other hand are on the rise, whether it's tattooing eyebrows or eyelids, more and more people are...

7 Direct Shots Aimed At Jay Z This Year

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Jay Z sure has had another eventful year & not for accomplishments you would think. Even with the amazing anticipation of  Jay & Bey's upcoming "On the Run" summer tour,unfortunately none of us can forget ...

Tupac and His Famous Friends: Over 20 Rare Photos

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  Tupac had A LOT of famous friends and lots of epic moments were captured between some incredible legends. Check out these next few pages for photos of the superstar & his famous friends.

10 of Hip-Hop’s Primary Double Rap Albums

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There have been a lot of great double rap albums in hip hop history! The list included the good, bad & the ugly. Fortunately, I've narrowed it down to the top 10 out of the bunch, ending with what we believe i...

Eminem’s 8 Albums Ranked from Bad to Good

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With the recent anniversary of Eminem's  album "The Marshal Mathers LP", here are the controversial MC's discography from the worst to the best. Most of us know the story of the Detroit native that involved pov...

Lil Wayne Answers Why He Refuses To Battle Kendrick Lamar

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It is without question that many people consider K. Dot to be the strongest rapper in the game right now, especially after his controversy causing "Control" verse. Many rappers have been asked by the press what t...

Snoop Dogg & Seth Rogen Get High Together & Then Recap Game Of Thrones

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Seth Rogen recently met up with Snoop Dogg to appear on Snoop's talk show, the Double G News. During the visit, Seth taught Snoop how to roll a cross-joint and surprise surprise, they smoked it together shortly a...

50 Cent Throws One Of The Worst First Pitches Of All Time

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It is traditional for an influential person to throw the first pitch at a baseball game and 50 Cent had the honor at tonight's New York Mets game. However 50 Cent threw one of the worst first pitches of all time! ...